I Miss You!

I miss you!

I miss the stupid little things that you would do that would drive me crazy, like poking me in the neck until I screamed for you to stop (because you knew it drove me crazy)!

I miss the way you would try to repeat what I said to you like you heard it, and it wasn't even close (even though it drove me crazy)!

I miss the way you would say, “Darlin'” when you would talk to me.

I miss hearing you sing like Merle and Willie! I miss you singing any old Gospel song, like Amazing Grace. You had a voice of an angel and you had no idea how beautiful your voice was and how everyone around you was mesmorized when you were singing and playing your guitar.

I miss your humor. Your remembered around here about some funny thing you said or how quick you were at coming back with something hilarious!

I miss so many little things!

But lately, I miss your voice. It’s hard to place sometimes, and I’m afraid I will misplace it all together.

So many memories--Most of our memories are still in boxes since I moved from our house 2 years ago. I'm scared to go through them.

I won’t forget you--of course, but little things--they’re slipping through my fingers - and I’m so afraid. So very afraid to lose the wonderful memories in my head!

It has been 3 years and 3-1/2 months. Three years and 3-1/2 months without you and 3 years and 3-1/2 months closer to you.  I know you’re in the best place ever, and of course, I get to see you again. But right now, you’re with Jesus and I’m not. And that just hurts. It’s better for you, but if I’m honest, it is still very painful here without you. Because-

I miss you!


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