Our Wedding Anniversary

Well, it came and went. I was anticipating November 7 because it would have been our 16 wedding anniversary. However, as it happened so many times when you were here with me, living in the same house, talking everyday, 2 weeks after our anniversary we would say, dang "we missed our anniversary". Then, I blamed it on you, of course, because you always made it a point not to make any special day nothing more than another day of the week; whether it be, a birthday, Christmas, Easter, or an anniversary. I promised myself that I would not let you change that in me, that I would always celebrate these occasions, whether you did or not. Well, it happened and I changed so by the end of your life, I was treating these special days like they were just another day of the week.

When I missed this anniversary, it was just the next day when I thought, OMG, yesterday was our anniversary. I cried the entire day wondering how I could do that. I was just thinking about it the day before. I was out of town in Leakey visiting Michael and Tiffany for Wyatt's 3rd birthday party, but still when I realized it while I was driving home on Sunday, I started crying. Tears of sadness. I was scared that I was already forgetting you and the so important dates that were part of us. When we would realize that both of us had forgotten our anniversary before you died, we would just laugh, but this time, by myself, there was nothing but sadness. How could I forget such an important date?

I don't want to forget the day I married you or the day I met you, or your birthday or any special date of ours, so how did let this one pass by? Maybe that was God's way of keeping me happy that day of Wyatt's birthday party and I was able to enjoy the day. However, the next day was full day of grieving over you.

I still remember our wedding in the back yard of our property in Bastrop. I remember being out-of-town on business for the whole week before and you called me on Thursday and asked when I would be home. I said, well we are staying an extra day so I will be home on Saturday. You said, good because you are getting married on Sunday. I said there is no way because we don't have time to plan anything or invite anyone. You said, don't worry, I've taken care of everything. I doubted you, but you had called all my friends and family and yours. Everyone that we loved was there and there was food and music and you even talked Pastor Jamie to drive down from Brazosport with Jay to marry us. It was beautiful! It was so special because you planned it all by yourself. The only thing I didn't plan was what I was going to wear and so after a week of not caring what I was eating or drinking, I had a choice of only a few things in my closet and it ended up being a denim shirt with black slacks. Not very wedding like attire, but very rustic looking which fit our wedding theme perfectly. Remember Norma Jean even made me a bouquet out of wild flowers from around our property.  Remember me riding in on Gibby, our Shetland pony. Everyone talked about that grand entrance for years. It was all so perfect!

Happy belated 16th anniversary honey! I missed it but it was because you weren't here to celebrate it with me. I love you more now than I did then!!


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