March 13, 2019 - Day 366

So today, since I prepared myself thoroughly for March 10-12 to not be bad days, and they were not. I did really good and tried not to think about the day I found you but I think of all our good memories and the way you made me laugh until my stomach hurt. I sure do miss that funny man I married. I awoke this morning, just a little sad. Of course, I didn't want to get out of bed and go to work. I just wanted to lay in the bed all day and do nothing. However, I said my usual morning prayer and asked God to get me up and moving and to make me a stronger person and that I am grateful I had you getting up with me for work for all the years that we did it together.

Of course, it was wet and gloomy, again. So I was already 30 minutes late leaving the house, and going to the car with my hands full, I slipped and fell. I fell hard on my right side and I was muddy. I was sure I hurt my elbow again, which the bruise from the fall 3 months ago was just starting to heel, and I thought I had hurt my collar bone. So I didn't ask, I just emailed Randy and Joe and said, can I work from home, take PTO, or half day of both, but I was not getting dressed again and coming to work. Joe said work from home so that's what I did. It is so nice to have a job that I love and a boss that is awesome and very flexible. This year it has definitely been a requirement.

Well I haven't updated you on the bats for awhile. I saw some coming out of the opening under the gutters on the back of the house last night. So Lee, the bat guy came out today to seal that whole side with mesh. On a good note, I am pretty sure they are out of the garage and the North side wall, but they still wake me up every morning hitting that wall trying to get back in. Lucy loves that time of morning. She just sits on the ledge and tries swatting at them.  She thinks she is gonna grab one through that window.


Look what I go in the mail today. It was like Christmas in March for myself. I ordered these from Shutterfly a few weeks ago. I love them both.

My Ralph iPhone Case

My Ralph Memorial Garden Rock

Good night Honey. Lucy, Connie, Joey and the damn bats say good night too. I love you!


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