March 16, 2019 - Day 369

Hi Honey! This day particularly is a sad reminder of last year. Today I'm going to pick up my WGC Uniforms, which is what I was headed to do last year, when we got the call that Dad was in the hospital and I needed to get to mom and dad's to take care of mom. That's the last time I kissed you good bye and went on my way to mom's instead of picking up my uniform. Thank God I did kiss you and tell you good bye because there are too many times when we are in a hurry and just leave. That would be a terrible regret on me if I had just walked out without doing that. Joe did pick up my uniform (and yours) for us that day last year. So today, I got there about 11 a.m. and since this is our 4th year, everything runs pretty smooth. I was headed to Liz's and we were going to look for light fixtures for my 2 bathrooms at Lowes and Habitat for Humanity but I started feeling nauseous so I called her to see if she'd eaten yet. That's all I could figure out that was wrong with me even though I had my full cup of Bulletproof coffee which normally keeps me full till early afternoon. Anyway, she said she was eating shrimp cocktail and I could come eat that with her and she'd make me a hamburger patty. So I went straight there, but before I could finish the hamburger, I felt worse. I was very nauseous now and felt like throwing up. So instead of shopping, I headed home. I took about a 2 hour nap and watched the Players tournament for a little while. Went to bed early. No drinking or smoking this night.

Also, Joey woke up with his back right leg not working. It just hung there. But when I would move it, he didn't cry or make a noise so I knew it wasn't broken. He has jumped off of the bed onto the new hardwood floor several times since we got it and I just figured this time he hit wrong. It seemed to get worse as I was leaving for WGC to pick up the uniforms. I left him anyway which is why I think I started feeling bad because I was worried about him and felt guilty leaving him. he pretty much just lays there and pees and poops right where he is laying. I was scared to find out but I was thinking he was getting what Donna and Chuck's dog got when she went paralyzed in the back legs. I knew if that were the case I was going to put him down. I didn't want him to be in pain and this day he seemed to be in pain just because he shivered a lot--and was very quite. No wining! Nothing!

I love you!



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