March 17, 2019, St. Patrick's Day - Day 370

Kathy MacDonald invited me and anyone I wanted to bring with me to The Salt Lick Wine Cellars for their Annual celebration of Noel's Irish heritage. I didn't get up in time to go to church so of course I felt guilty going anywhere else that day. However, I've been trying to get together with Kathy, Noel's wife to give her some pictures that I gathered from TML for her to have. I picked Liz up about 2:45 and we headed to the party. It was such a beautiful day and I was honored that she invited me. I was so glad we went because I got to see some of his friends and family that I met at the funeral as well as meet new people. Kathy has lost a lot of weight but she looks wonderful. I hope Noel's up there next to you so you can tell him (but I know he already knows) how good Kathy is doing. Evan was there also and he was doing great too. We left there at 6, but I was supposed to go eat fried shrimp and Jerry and Paula's at 5:30 so I just called them and told them I was going home to check on Joey.

Joey wasn't any better. I have to pick him up to get over the door ledge and carry him down the stairs outside to go pee and poop. I only see him drinking water, but I haven't seen him eat in a few days. He looks miserable and I think he's in a lot of pain. I of course am planning to take him to the vet tomorrow so I slept with him on the floor in the living room, not knowing if this would be our last night together or not. Talk about a hurt back when I got up. Thank the Lord, I was working from home that day, so I could slump around if I wanted to.

These are pictures of the St. Patrick's Day celebration for Noel, The Irishman--RIP at Salt Lick Cellars. It was really a lot of fun. Liz is taking the pictures so you don't see her.


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