March 8, 2019 - Day 361

Dear Ralph!

I took off of work today so that I can go to Rockport for the Oyster Fest. I went with Paula, Kim, Lori, and Angie (Lori and Angie you never met). This is the first time I've been to Rockport since you came with me to Liz's house and you and Joey went fishing off of the Pier. I think that was around May or June 2016. That was a great weekend and fun trip.

Kim, Lori and I started at Flores in Drippings Springs around noon getting our drink on. We all met Paula at Angie's house and left from there. Five of us in a very big truck that Kim was driving. We laughed our butts off as usual the entire trip. We stopped in Gonzales at the 4 crosses on the side of the road where Alicia's wreck happened. I have always wanted to stop there but never knew exactly where it was. I couldn't find it again if I had too. We took pictures of the girls showing their sunflower tattoos that they got in honor of Alicia not long after she died.  Can you believe she has been gone now longer then she was alive? I still think Vicki is the strongest woman I know for having to endure that death and I know the pain will never go away for her and the rest of the family, but she does it by faith and the love of Jesus Christ. I am sure I will always be able to go to her when I need some answers through my grief journey.

We arrived in Rockport around 5:30 and went to the Oyster Fest Grounds. There were us 5 girls and Karen's family there. The bands that played were really good and we danced and laughed and had a blast. All they had was beer so I didn't think I would drink much--but no, I got toe-up! The Fest closed at 11;00 so we walked over to the Sugar Shack and I got wine. That's about the last think I remember, but the girls tell me they made me leave because I had too much to drink! Great! I haven't been kicked out of a bar before. I've been cut-off drinking but not kicked out. I would show you some pictures, but I took mostly videos and you would not have watched them if you were here, so I will spare you now.

John Sherman, texted me to ask me if he could bring his wife Alex by to meet Cody. I said sure. Believe it or not he said Cody wasn't there and they waited for about 15 minutes, while calling his name and honking the horn but he never showed up. I had no idea that Cody roamed off of the property and this was around 6 pm.


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