March 9, 2019 - Day 362

I woke up feeling not too bad after drinking all day the day before and finally passing out. All the girls got up and took their showers, which left no hot water, did their hair, and put on makeup to go out in the gloomy, drizzly weather to watch the Oyster Fest Parade. I decided to hang out and watch TV instead. However I did get up and dress eventually because we were leaving to go see Paula and Jeff's new house that they are buying in Aransas Pass and had to be there by 2:00. OMG! The right back window wasn't working and gone down into the door panel and we couldn't get it up. So we creatively taped plastic trash bags on it to keep the rain out. However, when Kim got on the highway at 65 mph,  that flapping noise was so loud! We couldn't talk because we couldn't hear anything but the bags. Thank goodness, Chase, Paula and Jeff's son was there and he knows a lot about fixing cars, so he took the panel off and pulled the window back up. Then we taped it so it wouldn't fall down again.

The little house that they are buying was being inspected so that how come we got to see it while it was open. Its very cute and the inspector said in very good shape for a 100 year old house. It's like 4 minutes to fish and only 20 miles to Rockport. They are excited and I'm excited for them. It looks like more girls trips coming up.

We met up with Karen and her family at 5:30 to eat at the Boiling Pot. When we were done eating we all went back to the hotel room to get ready to head back over to the Oyster Fest grounds to do the same thing all over again. Drink, dance, laugh a lot, make fun of people, etc. This night was much different than the night before. There were way more people there and I think 4 different bands--each playing right after the other one. Because I had stuffed myself at dinner, there was no way I could drink enough beer to get drunk without being more bloated. Some of the girls were saying that I wasn't near as much fun this night as I was last. I didn't feel like dancing like we did the night before with each other. One man even asked me to dance and that made me sad and I sad no. I can't see myself dancing with anyone but you. That could change someday, but it sure wasn't happening that night. I could see you and I dancing in the living room like we often did and me stepping all over your toes. I just got sadder and really didn't feel like being there. I was hangin' but I wasn't having fun really. Then, the dad-gum band played 3 Willie Nelson songs in a row. The first one was Angel Flying Too Low, which of course you know you sang that to me a lot. I can't remember the 2nd song, but the last one was On The Road Again. Well, I lost it. I really could not listen to those songs without feeling you, hearing you, watching you sing them. I cried for a good 15 minutes before I took a key and went back to the room. Of course, I opened up my bottle of wine and cigarettes and drank until I fell asleep. I miss you so much baby that it hurts and this night was one of them. Sometimes I actually think I'm having a heart attack because my heart hurts so bad. I love you with all my heart-hurt and all!

PS: John texted me to tell me they had gone back over to my house to see Cody again. He said he hoped I didn't mind if they were going over so much, but they want to make sure Cody is used to them if they adopt him into their family. I said to him then why don't you take him to your house to meet their dog, Baby, and see how that goes. That is the only reason they haven't said for sure that they would take him because we have to be sure they are a good match together.


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