Monday, April 1, 2019

Dear Ralph! Honey I am so sorry that I haven't written in over a week. I've been just a little bit busy. Yesterday ended the Dell WGC Golf Tournament and the Austin Country Club. It was so much fun and I have so much to tell you. I know you only got to do it for one year and the assignment you had was not the best memory for you, but we sure laugh all the time about some other volunteer having to come bale you out to evacuate Sergio Garcia who was already sitting in your SUV. The fact that you could not remember how to get out of the CC through the back way and nobody was answering you on the radio made you so upset. But you know when you tell a story, everyone laughs and we still do!

This is the 4th year the tournament has been in Austin and the 4th year that Ryan, Joe and myself have volunteered. Last year as well as this year, Ryan and I both volunteered to be Chairs, which gives us a little more responsibilities but it's also free. Chairpersons don't have to pay the $90 and we get 2 shirts, a jacket and a hat or visor. What a bargain!! Plus we don't have to park and Camp Mabry and instead get to park very close at Riverbend church. So Joe and I again this year would meat at 6 or 6:30 a.m. in the mornings at Deckhand's south and ride together so we could park at Riverbend with my parking pass.

Ryan worked all week at least a few hours every day but Joe and I only worked Wednesday through Friday. However, we were going to work at the 360 Corporate Hospitality again just in the morning. There was a big screw up about my schedule being in the afternoons instead of the mornings, but there was another venue named the Longhorn Seats where both Captains cancelled all week. I volunteered to go to that venue and ended up working all day both Wednesday and Thursday there. The Longhorn Seats are on the 16 green. Some matches end before 16 but a lot of golfers end on that hole. There are only 48 seats in this venue, not 100+ as is at 360 so it is much more manageable. I love it and asked for the change all week and asked that I get it next year too. I talked Joe into working with me on Thursday and he didn't think he would like it as much as 360 but he did! He also wants to switch. The 360 Club was scheduled to have 5 Chairs, and like 10 volunteers and they really don't need that many because it gets so crowded at the gate. So it really didn't hurt that venue to lose us both and we had a blast. I got to meet and talk with a lot more fans and clients because it wasn't so busy.

I guess my enthusiasm showed because I got Chair of the Day For Thursday, March 28. I was thrilled but I definitely did not expect it. I was just happy to be able to be needed somewhere that I could be useful. I got a Dell WGC bottle for my award. It was a really cool honor since there are more than 2,000 volunteers this year. Ryan got it one day last year and I got it once this year. Maybe next year I'll strive for Chair of the week!!

I have lots of pictures I took. I even got a few of Tiger and you know how I feel about him. The crowds were crazy around him. They call it the Tiger Affect! It's wild.

So Saturday was supposed to be the day Joe and I didn't have to work and would just walk around the course and watch the game. But it turned cold that morning and just got colder and windier all day and I didn't want to get out in that mess, when I could just watch it on TV (Except my cable was out and no tech could get there until Sunday morning). Also the AC/Electrician guy was coming that morning and I didn't want to leave until he was done. He was putting up $300 worth of lighting fixtures I had bought for both bathrooms and 1 in the kitchen. Remember that hole above the windows above the stove that we just covered up with a picture--well I finally have a light there. It looks so cool. Also, about 10 years ago I bought a rustic light fixture for the wall behind the couch that you never put up for me--well, that is up now too. The house is looking so good now that I almost want to stay there. NOT! For the reasons I already wrote about before and I don't need 6.2 acres. I'm not using the acreage. I also don't want something else major to come up before I can get out of there. Here's pictures of the two light fixtures I mentioned above.


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