Monday, April 22, 2019

I left Joey at Best Friends while I was gone to Kinder, so I drove straight there when I got home today. He is always so excited to see me and it makes my day, every day! Of course, you know how everyone there loves that little guy! He did get a little cough while he was there, but he had the kennel cough drops when he got there, so I don't think it's that. We will just have to see if it gets better and if not, I'll take him to the vet. He's still the Million Dollar dog! lol!

I had Glory come over to the house to take care of the cat's food and water once a day. I am going to miss Glory's help with the animals when I do move. By the way, I now realize how much I wasn't home and how important it was for you staying home to take care of the animals. I had a live-in pet-sitter so I never realized how expensive and complicated it can get to get all of them where they need to be. :(

Good Night--Sleep Tight! I miss you.


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