Monday, March 25, 2019

So today, Ryan, and Corey and a new AC/Electrician named Roger are coming to the house to go over what has to be done and when. Isias also came buy to talk with me about painting the downstairs and what color I want it painted.  Ryan and Corey hauled off all the trash and the recyclable metals. I put the old blue lazy-boy chair at the end of the drive way hoping someone will come by and pick it up.

The AC helper (Abraham) will be here on Saturday to change all the vents out, put an end cap (that we've been trying to get for 15 years but no one ever follows through) and put another return air vent on the new closet I had build around the unit. It appears that it wasn't getting enough air so it wasn't heating or cooling up to par.

Isias will be here on Wednesday to repaint all the doors red. He did it about 2 months ago but it rained that same day and for the next few, so the red was bubbly and dull.

This really is exhausting trying to get the house ready to sell. A lot of people said I should have just sold it as is but since I promised myself that I would not do anything with it until at least one year of your death had passed, well it was too late. I didn't want to give it away so maybe by spending 28K to fix it up then I will make it back x2 or more.

I am grateful for being able to work from home today. Yes I still love my job and am very grateful for my TML family.


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