Sunday, March 24, 2019

Hi Honey, I know it's been a while since I've written you. I've been a little busy. Between getting this house ready to sell, the sick dog, working (and traffic getting even worse) and getting ready for the Dell WGC Tournament this week, I'm so tired at night, I just hit the bed and fall right to sleep.

I didn't make it to church again today--actually I don't think I've been to church since February 24, if I go by my notebook that I bring with my bible to church.

Jerry came out with his new pressure washer and he cleaned off the concrete slab on the left side of the house (where all the old paint cans, fencing, wiring, horse stall pads, and anything else we couldn't figure out where to put it would go). We stacked up all the recyclable metals and made a trash stack for Ryan to pick up during the week.  Jerry pressure washed that concrete and the back deck. They both look really good and clean now. The problem with the deck is it is so clean that all of the burn holes from your fires are very obvious now. I haven't decided if I'm replacing the IPE wood there or not. I guess I will let a realtor tell me what to do. I only need about 8 boards so it should not take long to repair.  Jerry was going to pressure wash what's left of the horse fences but he was scared it would blow the rest of it over! lol!


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