Tuesday, April 23, 2019

This will make you very happy!! 

So, a few month's back (I can't remember if I wrote you about this already), Mike and Cindy Herman were indicted by the Feds because of fraud and not paying their taxes on their restaurants. Ha! That should not surprise you because we always said they will get it in the end. He and Cindy eventually got caught for doing what they've always done.

Anyway, today was the arraignment and plea and the Federal Courthouse in downtown Austin. I took 3 hours PTO this morning just to be sitting in the courtroom and hopefully he would see my face. Well, I was the only one in the court audience except for a few federal inspectors. He definitely saw me and when I did catch his eye, I smiled big!

That's it! I just wanted to tell you that the pervert finally got caught and took his wife along for the ride. They closed down both of their restaurants a long time ago.


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