Tips for Writing Your Daily Love Letter

Write to your loved one how you felt today

 What emotional state were you in today

 Did you have a memory of your loved one today that you couldn't shake

 What did you miss about your loved one today

 Write to your loved one how you are moving forward, or how you progressed today


Now, I'd like to share my personal love letters with you:

March 11, 2019 - Day 364

Hi Honey, It is one year ago this date that your soul left us and went to be with The Father, Our Lord and Savior. Of course I didn't know you were gone at the time, because I was still at mom and dad's house taking car of  her while Paula and Jerry were with dad at the hospital. However, I felt in my heart that something was very wrong because the last time I talked to you which was at midnight when you called to tell me goodnight. We didn't talk all day Sunday (March 11, 2018), because you never answered my calls or called me back and that is very rare. Although not unusual because sometimes when I'm out of town, we could go a day or 2 without talking, but at least we played phone tag that kept me from worrying. This time I worried all day.

I woke up, and as I do every morning before I get out of bed, I prayed for strength to get up and go to work and for Jesus to hold my hand all day because my heart hurts all day. I prayed extra this morning that he would make today a good...

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March 10, 2019 - Day 363

Well, I guess I drank more than I thought after I got back to the room last night. I fell asleep before any of the girls got back a little after 2:00 a.m. and they ate, made all kinds of noise and talking for about an hour they said and I never heard anything. I slept right through 10:00 when Dana and Karen knocked on our door to say goodbye.   The first thing I thought of when I woke up is this is about the same time and same day that I kissed your sweet lips one year ago today. You were sitting in your chair on the back porch and I was leaving to pickup our uniforms for the WGC Tournament and you did not want to go with me. Then I got the phone call that dad is in the hospital and mom is very sick so I needed to go stay with her while Paula and Jerry were with dad. So I told  you the change of plans and wasn't sure when I would be back home and kissed you goodbye and said I love you--for the last time ever. I sometimes wished I would have come back and kissed you...

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March 9, 2019 - Day 362

I woke up feeling not too bad after drinking all day the day before and finally passing out. All the girls got up and took their showers, which left no hot water, did their hair, and put on makeup to go out in the gloomy, drizzly weather to watch the Oyster Fest Parade. I decided to hang out and watch TV instead. However I did get up and dress eventually because we were leaving to go see Paula and Jeff's new house that they are buying in Aransas Pass and had to be there by 2:00. OMG! The right back window wasn't working and gone down into the door panel and we couldn't get it up. So we creatively taped plastic trash bags on it to keep the rain out. However, when Kim got on the highway at 65 mph,  that flapping noise was so loud! We couldn't talk because we couldn't hear anything but the bags. Thank goodness, Chase, Paula and Jeff's son was there and he knows a lot about fixing cars, so he took the panel off and pulled the window back up. Then we taped it so it wouldn't fall...

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March 8, 2019 - Day 361

Dear Ralph!

I took off of work today so that I can go to Rockport for the Oyster Fest. I went with Paula, Kim, Lori, and Angie (Lori and Angie you never met). This is the first time I've been to Rockport since you came with me to Liz's house and you and Joey went fishing off of the Pier. I think that was around May or June 2016. That was a great weekend and fun trip.

Kim, Lori and I started at Flores in Drippings Springs around noon getting our drink on. We all met Paula at Angie's house and left from there. Five of us in a very big truck that Kim was driving. We laughed our butts off as usual the entire trip. We stopped in Gonzales at the 4 crosses on the side of the road where Alicia's wreck happened. I have always wanted to stop there but never knew exactly where it was. I couldn't find it again if I had too. We took pictures of the girls showing their sunflower tattoos that they got in honor of Alicia not long after she died.  Can you believe she has been gone now longer...

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